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The MIBF Experience

Long-time fans, booklovers, readers and exhibitors come together to connect with one another and to gather for one purpose, to celebrate books

160,000+ visitors in 2019

Enjoyed by a wide demographics of visitors from various national cities and regions

44 Years and counting

Despite many economic downturn, MIBF stood the test of time and will continue standing tall, quickly adapting to the changes of the industry

98% of visitors meet their objectives

Majority of the respondents visit MIBF to purchase books, magazines, journals and more!


For the Booklovers

Visitors attend the MIBF to find their favorite books from their favorite authors, look for rare/hard-to-find books and new titles to read. They also come to buy collectibles, educational materials, gadgets and art supplies.

For the Authors

Authors, Writers, Illustrators attend the MIBF to meet their fans, booklovers, and other creator to have an interchange of discussion.

For the Exhibitors

Exhibitors and businesses come to MIBF to connect with each other and learn the latest trends, It also provides an exclusive platform to offer promos, discounts and deals.

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